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Tourism and Foreign Affairs Department of Almaty City of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Almaty region will receive tourist brand

Almaty and Almaty region will be developed project plan development of tourist destinations. This was told Anatoly Savich, President of the Kazakhstan Association of inbound and domestic tourism KITA. "In the near future the document will be forwarded for discussion with stakeholders of the tourist community of Almaty region.

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For beginners the tourists: an inner layer of clothing or how to choose thermal underwear

Depending on the places where passes your camping trip, you can be put on different amounts of clothing. Also it depends on the height above sea level, the current weather and season.

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One of the legends about the lake Alakol

In ancient times, the world was divided into three parts. In the upper world inhabited Great Tengri himself with his wife, the beautiful and clever Umai, people lived in the Middle World, and the bottom - the evil spirits. People worshiped Tengri Umai, Jer-Su and the other gods and evil spirits - Erlik. Here in the old days, and there was this story. 

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